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Pre 1981 General Election profile of Willie O’Dea – “William O’Dea: A first step into the Limelight” June 15, 2011

Willie O’Dea when he was William O’Dea. Again not an election leaflet (like the Pat Cox one posted recently) but I thought would be of interest. Its from the run up to the 1981 General Election where William O’Dea has been selected on the Fianna Fail ticket in Limerick East. He failed to win a seat but won a seat in the February 1982 election.
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3 Responses to “Pre 1981 General Election profile of Willie O’Dea – “William O’Dea: A first step into the Limelight””

  1. Joe Says:


    And look how it turned out.

    His political career amounted to a big fat nothing, only achieving a relatively minor position in the previous disgraced government.

    Far better for the country if O’Dea had stayed at home on the farm. He might (possibly) have made a half decent local county councilor, but that would be the absolute limit of his political talent,

  2. […] donors. His 'machine' must cost a few bob to run too. Here's a nice old article on Willie I found. A pre 1981 General Election article on Willie O’Dea (when he was William O’Dea) To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently […]

  3. The Oncoming Storm Says:

    He really should have gone for a career in spaghetti westerns with that moustache!!

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