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John O’Donoghue -Fianna Fail -Kerry South 2011 General Election February 22, 2011

The default 2011 Fianna Fail Election Leaflet, this time for Kerry South candidate John O’Donoghue.
I’ve posted just the picture and The description of the candidate.


6 Responses to “John O’Donoghue -Fianna Fail -Kerry South 2011 General Election”

  1. Michael McGrath Says:

    Dreadful waster of taxpayers money , for shame!

  2. Brendan Wall Says:

    This man should be in jail ,not standing for election

  3. Steven Says:

    Straight talker? Like most of them he only talks straight when he’s caught and after weeks of his ill-deeds staring him in the face.

  4. Denis Linehan Says:

    As Minister for Justice, O’Donoghue covered up for his former UCC lecturer Bryan MacMahon ,who should be in jail, and for UCC and Harvard administrators who engaged in human rights abuses against me which are continuing.
    I am delighted that O’Donoghue lost his seat in the election.
    He represented the low to which Fianna Fail had sunk.

  5. Danny Murphy Says:

    “A Chairde do you remember this”
    “Recite the first verse of flight of the earls”
    “It is not that long ago”

    Who was the Bo**ox who said those words at the fianna fail ard fheis in 2005? Who was that Bo**ox ??????????

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