Irish Election Literature

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“Decent” Dick Roche -Fianna Fail- Wicklow 2011 General Election February 17, 2011

The banks are in bits, NAMA a sick joke, The IMF in town, Unemployment and Emigration rife ….. but Dick Roche is Decent….


One Response to ““Decent” Dick Roche -Fianna Fail- Wicklow 2011 General Election”

  1. Dick is “No Nonsense” is he? None of that IMF / ECB nonsense then? None of that bank bailout nonsense either? None of that nonsense of running the country for the sole use and benefit of Dick and his FF…ing friends and feck the rest of us?
    Dick, please have the decency to hang your head in shame and crawl back into the FF…ing Galway tent where you belong with the rest of your greedy, insider-elite traitors.

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