Irish Election Literature

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“Olli Rehn for Taoiseach” Poster February 14, 2011

Was sent this and thought it was good. In a way summed up the lack of choices we are facing….

Many thanks to the sender


One Response to ““Olli Rehn for Taoiseach” Poster”

  1. Olli Rehn, as a mere politician can only have the Tainiste’s job… The job of Taoiseach has already been taken, by Jean-Claude Trichet who is a banker! Politicians own people, bankers own politicians! …and world financiers own bankers. Basically, the US Federal Bank owns the world and the Rockefellers and their ilk own the ‘Fed. “We the people…” (as the US constitution begins) own nothing and should be seen as a simple foodstuff to be consumed by the voracious financiers. That is, unless “We (like Sam Goldwin put it) include ourselves out”. I’ve included myself out for some time now. It’s really nice!

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