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Flyer for Ciaran Cuffe -Green Party -Dun Laoghaire -2011 General Election January 29, 2011

A leaflet for the Green Party TD for Dun Laoghaire Ciaran Cuffe who is defending his seat in the forthcoming 2011 General Election. Bumped into him as he was canvassing today and got this leaflet from him.


6 Responses to “Flyer for Ciaran Cuffe -Green Party -Dun Laoghaire -2011 General Election”

  1. seano Says:

    Good clean graphics. Quality photography. I like.

  2. Michael McGrath Says:

    Ciaran Cuffe , a good TD with an excellent track record, loads of experience too.

  3. Rainbow Says:

    Soon to be an ex TD. Seriously- “regime change at the banks” as an achievement! What is he smoking?

  4. Kirsten Delaney Says:

    Saw him at the DART station in Blackrock the other morning. I think he’s a really decent guy but even he says his chances now are slim.

  5. Michael McGrath Says:

    Don’t underestimate Ciaran’s chances, he had nothing to do withy the entire banking fiasco, and Irish people do vote for honest decent candidates like him!
    He has a fabulous green agenda that he puts onto practce and that will provide thousands of jobs yet !!!

  6. Steven Says:

    There maybe one or two Green survivors if they are lucky but I’m not sure our friend here will be one of them.

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