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Leaflet for David McCarthy -Independent -Cork South-Central -2011 General Election January 11, 2011

From the forthcoming election a leaflet for Independent Reform candidate David McCarthy running in Cork South-Central.
McCarthy was

“campaign manager for Kathy Sinnot’s 2002 General Election bid as well as stints as regional organiser for Fine Gael in Dublin and Munster. More recently .. was Séan Kelly’s campaign
manager in his successful European campaign and have most recently worked as regional director with Senator David Norris’s Presidential campaign.”

Amongst his polices are reduction in the number of TDs and “Cut numbers in the public service by 30,000

His website


10 Responses to “Leaflet for David McCarthy -Independent -Cork South-Central -2011 General Election”

  1. This looks a lot like what we need. But aside from helping others (many of them laudable) what has David actually achieved in public life to date? Has he been involved in any voluntary organizations for instance? If not, while that does not disqualify him, maybe his true calling is to help others get elected?

  2. […] then to the forthcoming election with… A leaflet from Independent candidate David McCarthy running in Cork […]

  3. tomryan Says:

    Don’t be codding me.
    About as Independent as Beverly Cooper-Flynn (FF) was.
    Mc Carthy is Fine Gael through and through.
    He should be wearing a blueshirt in his photo.

    • sorry to dissapoint you Tom but I have never been a member of any political party, I have worked for partys and Independents as well as a number of groups! My politics is that of a social democrat, and if you look at what I am saying it is far removed from the reforms (so called) espoused by any party in GE11

      • Tom Ryan Says:

        David, I never said that you were a member of the party.
        Gerry Adams was never a member of the IRA either, but you’d hardly call him unbiased.
        Proposing to cut 30,000 public service jobs is straight out of Enda’s Five Point Plan.
        Next you’ll be saying 14 years, let’s get Ireland working and waving your fist.

  4. […] This was picked up by Cactus Flower on Political World five or six days ago… and indeed IELB has posted up the leaflet McCarthy is using on the Irish Election Literature Blog. […]

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