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‘Electronic Voting in Ireland -A Threat to Democracy?’-Report for Labour Parliamentary Party 2003 September 17, 2010

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From 2003 when doubts about E-Voting were coming to the fore a report for the Labour Parliamentary Party by Shane Hogan and Robert Cochran entitled ‘Electronic Voting in Ireland -A Threat to Democracy?’
There is a lovely quote from the Film Gangs of New York on the front.

The Report itself gives a background to the Irish System its History, Key Components and Operating Procedures. Other areas covered include the the Voter Verifiable Audit Trail as well as possible threats.

The Report recommended “that further usage of Electronic Voting in Ireland is suspended, until”
– A Voter Verifiable Audit Trail is available to give each voter absolute confidence that their vote had been correctly recorded and counted.
– Appropriate control processes & procedures are implemented by DoEHLG, with audit & supervisory responsibility vested in an independent body.
– Integrated ‘end-to-end’ testing, including statistical analysis of the randomisation feature, is carried out to verify the accuracy of the entire system
– DoEHLG commits to providing full details of tally information in database form after each election.

I have uploaded the Report in *.PDF Format  HERE


One Response to “‘Electronic Voting in Ireland -A Threat to Democracy?’-Report for Labour Parliamentary Party 2003”

  1. Shane Hogan Says:

    Great to see this report being resurrected. If Minister Cullen had bothered to read the report, instead of taking cheap shots at myself and Robert, he could have saved the State about €60 million.

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