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Flyer from the New Party ‘Direct Democracy Ireland’ August 30, 2010

A flyer from the new Party Direct Democracy Ireland. Amongst those involved are Bernard kenny, Vincent salafia and Raymond Whitehead. Whitehead stood as an Independent in Glencullen Sandyford in the Local Elections.
The Direct Democracy format is along the lines of previous candidates such as Ross O’Mullane and from 1997 Gerald Dolan.


5 Responses to “Flyer from the New Party ‘Direct Democracy Ireland’”

  1. Thank you for posting this. We look forward to hearing some opinions

  2. Michael McGrath Says:

    To be real , to appeal to the people, a new party must be radical . It must stand to seriously tackle Ireland’s massive Everest of bank debt .

    In fact it must be prepared to default on bank debt , to allow Anglo-Irish Bank particularly to collapse without a red cent being paid to anybody . This will happen eventaually in any case.

    It must be prepared to re-negotaite the Bail-Out terms, especially regarding interest rates , with the IMF and especially the EU/ECB.

    On other issues the new party must be prepared to go against the media/leftist political correctitude foisted on us all , especially as regards welfare tourism .
    Two billions annually is now being paid out in hard cash by the present regime in the form of the dole, rent allowances, childrens allowances etc to over 100,000 migrants.
    Contrary to opinion , there is no EU obligation on us to keep paying out such a colossal annual amount , way beyond our means, that eventually ends up in wealthier Poland and points east .
    Immigrants should continue to be allowed in providing they have a job here or have visible means for personal support whilst here.
    Beyond that , all we can afford is hostel accommodation .

    I would be prepared to personally support , here in Kilkenny where I am well-known and respected as a local photographer, any new party that takes the above tough but necessary decisions in the interest of the nation.

  3. Tomas Gorman Says:

    I love the participative ethic of this party. As an Irish person caught in the equally democratically retarded six counties, what is the parties position on partition?

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