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Regina Doherty -Fine Gael -Meath East 2007 GE August 13, 2010

From the 2007 General Election a leaflet fro Fine Gael candidate Regina Doherty running in Meath East. She polled well but missed out on a seat.
Like a lot of Fine Gael leaflets from 2007 there was little or nothing about the candidate themselves.


2 Responses to “Regina Doherty -Fine Gael -Meath East 2007 GE”

  1. Barry Kellett Says:

    Hi Regina,

    I am contracting you in relation to getting bord gais connected in Park View. I have contacted Bord Gaid and they are saying I need to get 20% of people in the estate to order it also and that we will need to pay a connection fee for them to bring it into the estate. It seems a bit prohibitive to me and also that they want us to pay so they can supply us with their service.

    I would be interested to hear if you have any thoughts or advise on this.


    Barry Kellett.

  2. […] amazed that Deputy Doherty did not know of the Senate before 2007. She ran in 2007 for the Dail Regina Doherty -Fine Gael -Meath East 2007 GE | Irish Election Literature Sign in or Register Now to […]

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