Irish Election Literature

… what you maybe meant to keep…

“The Straight Vote is Simple, Fair, Democratic” -Fianna Fail Poster from the 1968 Referendum on the change of voting system August 12, 2010

Almost topical given the current debate on political and electoral reform. From the 1968 Referendum on Change in Voting System, which was defeated, a Fianna Fail poster in favour of the measure.

“The Straight Vote is Simple, Fair, Democratic” said the Fianna Fail Poster. The Labour Party Posters against the measure was “The Straight Vote in Crooked”

Fianna Fail proposed changing the voting system to that similar to the UK

The Third Amendment of the Constitution Bill, 1968, proposes

To substitute for the present system of voting at Dáil elections the “straight vote” system in single-member constituencies;

“To establish a Commission to determine constituencies, subject to the right of the Dáil to amend the constituencies as so determined; and
To provide that whenever the Dáil is dissolved the outgoing Ceann Comhairle may be returned, without a contest, as a second deputy for a constituency chosen by him which consists of, or includes a part of, the constituency he represented before the dissolution.”


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