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Endorsed by Eddie O’Sullivan…Rónán Mullen -2007 Seanad Election July 8, 2010

From the 2007 NUI Seanad election a leaflet for Independent Senator Rónán Mullen. Rónán Mullen was elected.
His endorsements include the then Ireland rugby coach Eddie O’Sullivan.


9 Responses to “Endorsed by Eddie O’Sullivan…Rónán Mullen -2007 Seanad Election”

  1. Budapestkick Says:

    Biggest wanker ever spawned

    • Not a popular man at the minute alright.
      It was actually the Eddie O’Sullivan bit that prompted me to post it. All these people that endorse Seanad candidates… you’d have to wonder… ..
      What are Eddie O’Sullivans views on civil partnership?
      Because from the endorsement of Mullen you’d have to think that he has misgivings about it.
      Not that it matters, but in my own view an odd thing for the National Rugby coach to get involved in politics (however peripheral the involvement may be).

      • Budapestkick Says:

        Indeed, though I was thinking more of this:

        The fact that this guy is an all-Ireland debating championship winner says everything about the middle-class twit debating societies that infect every college in Ireland.

  2. Paddy Duffy Says:

    I know what you mean, it kinda stumbles into Glenn Hoddle territory. Also, during that debate, I was never prouder to have voted for the guy who wore the cowboy hat in his election literature in the NUI Senate election.


      That guy was Mark Connolly ran as an independent in the NUI. He wanted to reduce taxes. A lot of the lefties objected to him running. Cool hat though he also has a sense of humour which a few of the other candidates did nt have.Actually he cant stand Brian Cowen.

  3. Paddy, if the guy in the cowboy hat is the same person I’m thinking of that would have been Mark Connolly from Cork

    who was an strong FF supporter and advocate that we should all stop complaining and get behind the government. Amazing to think of what a hat can do to convince people that the insider is the outsider.

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