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UK Election – Ken Barlow Vs Vera Duckworth April 6, 2010

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Ken Barlow Vs Vera Duckworth
Not Irish but certainly on Irish TV screens …… anyhow thought these may be of interest.

Ken Barlows Voting Tory and Vera Duckworths voting Labour.
The gas thing is that the name of the actor who plays Ken Barlow doesn’t appear once!

Funnily enough both are saying pensioners will be better off under the party they support.

From The Wavertree Voice (a Labour Party Freesheet)

From ‘Newsline’ a UK Conservative Freesheet.

Full Leaflets at


6 Responses to “UK Election – Ken Barlow Vs Vera Duckworth”

  1. idrankthekoolaid Says:

    Barlow as he was (possibly still is) the only leftie on the programme

  2. Liam Byrne Says:

    I thought Ken Barlow WAS his name??? 🙂

  3. Paddy Duffy Says:

    Wasn’t Dinny a wile man for Jack Lynch?! And in real life Ken Barlow is mad for the Tory action, and pretty outspoken at that.

  4. Ian Says:

    But Ken Barlow is a guardian reading leftie

  5. Paddy Duffy Says:

    Aye, it’s a bit like Frasier Crane being much further left than Kelsey Grammer.

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