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Election Leaflet for Tony O’Hara -H-Block -1981 Dublin West March 30, 2010

Firstly many thanks to the donor.
From the 1981 General Election Tony O’Hara (also refered to as Anthony),running on a H Block ticket in Dublin West.
Tony O’Hara was the brother of deceased hunger striker Patsy O’Hara. He recieved 3,034 votes.
For those like myself who lived through the time of the Hunger Strike this leaflet brings back memories. Memories of the posters of the Hunger Strikers,the posters of Maggie Thatcher Wanted for murder, people wearing Black armbands, black flags on lampposts and the other protest marches in Dublin at the time.
In the leaflet, amongst others things are a biography of Tony O’Hara and The Hunger Strikers Five Demands
1. The right to wear their own clothes.
2. The right to refrain from compulsory do prison work, use the time for education in vocational, craft or culture fields.
3. Free association with other political prisoners
4. One letter, one parcel and one visit per week.
5. Restoration of remission of sentence lost through the protest.


4 Responses to “Election Leaflet for Tony O’Hara -H-Block -1981 Dublin West”

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  2. […] From 1981 the election leaflet of H-Block candidate Tony O’Hara (Brother of Patsy) who ran in Dublin West. […]

  3. Jim Monaghan Says:

    I chaired the initial meeting of election supporters for Tony.I was chair of the H-Block/Armafh Cttee. in Dublin.
    SF were then abstentionist and it proved immpossible to bridge the gap as the IRSP intended to take up the seat.On retrospective I beleive it was also an excuse not to work for an IRSP candidate as many Porvos saw them as rivals and funnily enough as still Sticks.
    I went to North Central and worked for Bernadette.

  4. barrygruff Says:

    Glad people were interested in this and I will send in whatever other stuff I can find.

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