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Save Our Acute Services -South Tipperary General Hospital (Clonmel Hospital) 2010 March 27, 2010

Got sent this today but only getting around to posting it now….

A leaflet advertising a Public Rally organised by the Save Our Acute Services group to keep services at South Tipperary General Hospital (also known as Clonmel Hospital).


2 Responses to “Save Our Acute Services -South Tipperary General Hospital (Clonmel Hospital) 2010”

  1. […] A ‘Save Our Acute Services’ in South Tipperary / Clonmel Hospital leaflet. […]

  2. Bob Riley Says:

    Hello, I’ve just spent 5 days in the hands of I.C.U and Surgical 1 at Clonmel Hospital as I live in Ballyporeen South Tipp this hospital is a must (must be there)to have to travel to Waterford would be stupid to say the least.The exellent service I have just recieved from dedicated staff at Clonmel was second to none and break the teams that serve South Tipp so well for a few pennies compared to Anglo Irish makes my blood boil so if these thinkers think closing Cashel then Clonmel services in a matter of few years so they can have a new photo op of opening a new wing at Waterford makes sense well roll on the election….Bob Riley

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