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Michael Healy-Rae and Jackie Healy Rae calling card February 19, 2010

Jackie Healy-Raes card, himself on the front and his constituency secretary Michael Healy-Rae on the back.  Jackie Healy-Rae doesn’t advertise his mobile number.

(Thanks to Michael Healy-Rae for this)


7 Responses to “Michael Healy-Rae and Jackie Healy Rae calling card”

  1. Kilgarvan Abu Says:

    Two fine looking Lads!

  2. steve white Says:

    who else advertises their constituency secretary?

  3. seamus Says:

    we have not come as far from the stoneage as we thought

  4. Anon Says:

    Fucking dimwitted hicks

  5. robert Says:

    this fucking bogger is holding the country to ransom over his salary and pension, he might be good for the people in kerry but he is an embarrassment and as for that gobshite of a son….enough said

  6. josepk kavanagh Says:

    People of Kerry you have living among yous the biggest Traitor in Irish History The one and only Jakie the gobshite and his son

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