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‘Orchestrating a better Future’ -Frank McNamara- PD -Dublin South Central 2007 February 3, 2010

Former Late Late Show pianist Frank McNamara from his 2007 General Election campaign in Dublin South Central. He polled 474 votes (result at
‘Orchestrating a better Future’ has to be one of the corniest slogans around.
The aim to “cut income tax to 18% and 38%” seems a long way away now.


3 Responses to “‘Orchestrating a better Future’ -Frank McNamara- PD -Dublin South Central 2007”

  1. Paddy Duffy Says:

    A much better slogan would’ve been “My Wife Presented Where In The World, You Know!”. Probably would’ve won him a few votes.

  2. Paddy C Says:

    Some great days on the Campaign Trail with these leaflets ! DSC was a pleasure to canvass. The reaction to Frank was incredible ! I felt at least 1500 votes ! How wrong I was 😩

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