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Benny Cooney- Independent- Athlone TC 2009 December 4, 2009

For those of you like myself who are consumed with all things elections, Benny Cooneys name may ring a bell.
He polled 18 votes in the 1998 Dublin North by-election, 21 votes in the 1996 Dublin West by-election, has stood on at least eleven occasions and in that time has a top vote of 239 votes. (Benny at
Yet theres not much wrong with his policies….


3 Responses to “Benny Cooney- Independent- Athlone TC 2009”

  1. Liam Byrne Says:

    Nice one A! Benny will be delighted to hear that his message is getting out to a wider audience. He’s a grand fellow, very enthusiastic and very genuine! He campaigned against attempts to curtail independent candidates running without having the backing of established politicians! He’s a true “leftie”!

  2. […] Fianna Fails Michael Mulcahy and Fine Gaels Brian Hayes as well as serial Independent candidate Benny Cooney. Byrnes By-Election victory along with that of Fine Gaels Michael Ring in Mayo and then later in […]

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