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George Allen assists the presiding officer- Fine Gael- Athlone 1991 LE December 3, 2009

An odd leaflet as there must surely be no way this piece of paper will assist the presiding officer.
Especially as it asks you to vote for George Allen.
I can only presume, this little trick got him a few extra votes.

Back of Leaflet


3 Responses to “George Allen assists the presiding officer- Fine Gael- Athlone 1991 LE”

  1. John Cunningham Says:

    It would probably have had the name and address of the recipient (to assist the postal delivery worker) and so might have been acceptable for ID purposes

    • Possibly, although the leaflet is as shown above (front and back) and is all there was when I got it back in 1991.
      Maybe it was given outside the polling station, it just struck me as a trick/stunt.
      George Allen had been first elected to the council in 1955, so must have known a trick or two.

  2. Liam Byrne Says:

    I think you are probably correct A, but you seem to have found a “blank” version of the card? George might argue that putting the voters polling number on the card IS assisting the Presiding Officer? Like all political “mechanisms of persuasion” there is usually some truth in the statement – even if only a little!

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