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Support Palestine Demo for Ireland vs Israel game in 2005 October 9, 2009

4th of June 2005 and Ireland take on Israel at soccer, a two all draw which costs us dearly in our qualification hopes for the World Cup. This leaflet was to advertise a protest and ways to protest at the game.
The leaflet was issued by the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign.




5 Responses to “Support Palestine Demo for Ireland vs Israel game in 2005”

  1. […] First off something I posted last year but is almost topical…A Leaflet issued by the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign in 2005 advertising a protest Demo for the Ireland Israel Soccer game. […]

  2. dfallon Says:

    This is a very interesting piece. I remember the match well, and there were several Palestine flags in the stadium.

    Whatever about the merits of the economic boycott, I thought this one was (like the Leonard Cohen protests) a bit odd.

    I’d love to know if there were any left-wing demonstrations against the visit of Nazi Germany to Dallyer back in the day! I’m off to Irish Times Archive search that now.

  3. dfallon Says:

    Btw, get any IPSC stuff from the recent Flotilla demos? They ran an amazing campaign, two demos in a week and plenty of press coverage.

    I blame this website for my new found habit of the hoarding of leftist material!

    • Didn’t get a thing from any of the recent demos be it The Flotilla demos or the Right to Work. Would love some of it.
      irishelectionliterature AT

      The hoarding is a habit worth forming, I’m so glad I managed to hold on to stuff over the years.
      I think this aside from entertaining in an odd way is also a resource. For instance I’ve some of the only electoral material on the Divorce Referendum online.
      I’ve also manged to provide material for the relatives of deceased candidates which is a great feeling.

      Just ensure you choose what to hoard… I originally started collecting Election Posters and signs…at one stage I even had a bus stop in the attic. They were too bulky so I stuck with the leaflets.

  4. Liam Byrne Says:

    Collecting is habit forming. Ask your friends to keep some stuff for you (be it election leaflets or callcards or whatever) and before very long they won’t be giving you any, because they will have started collecting themselves! It’s an addiction! Enjoy the buzz! 🙂

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