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Divorce Referendum 1986- ‘The Balance Of Compassion- 12 Reasons For Saying No’ September 24, 2009

I dont know what organisation issued the leaflet and cant find anything on ‘Lir Press’ either. There are some incredible reasons in the ’12 Reasons for Saying No’… amongst them…. ‘No one can ignore the sad and condemnable cases of battering husbands. But, by allowing divorce, we permit husbands who have battered their wives to continue this crime into a new, second relationship’

Labour campaigned using the slogan “Put Compassion in the Constitution”

Amongst Other Divorce Referendum items on the site…
Labour Party ‘Yes’ to Divorce 1986
‘The Alice Glenn Report May 1986- A Woman Voting for Divorce is like a Turkey voting for Christmas’
Divorce Action Group- Yes to Divorce
1986- ‘The Association of Lawyers against the Amendment


3 Responses to “Divorce Referendum 1986- ‘The Balance Of Compassion- 12 Reasons For Saying No’”

  1. Shindig Says:

    That sends a shiver down my spine. It brings it all back, how twisted the campaign was. The part you highlight about battered wives is unreal.

    • That leaflet was the most ‘extreme’ I have. It I suppose illustrates that where looking back its felt that the Referendum was lost on the Property Rights of a Divorced wife. There were plenty of other elements at play too.

  2. Deirdre McGowan Says:

    This looks like an extract from a book by Mark Hamilton and David Logan published by Lir Press in 1986 entitled; The Case Against Divorce. 60 Reasons for Voting No.

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