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Divorce Action Group -“Vote Yes to Divorce” 1986 Referendum September 18, 2009

Given that it was a contentious issue and parties were split by the issue, the main parties produced little on the 1986 Divorce Referendum.

This is a leaflet from the main Divorce pressure group of the time, The Divorce Action Group. Also refered to as DAG they had been founded in 1980.

Amongst Other Divorce Referendum items on the site…

Labour Party ‘Yes’ to Divorce 1986

‘The Alice Glenn Report May 1986- A Woman Voting for Divorce is like a Turkey voting for Christmas’

1986 ‘The Balance of Compassion’ – ’12 reasons for saying no’

1986- ‘The Association of Lawyers against the Amendment


6 Responses to “Divorce Action Group -“Vote Yes to Divorce” 1986 Referendum”

  1. […] Divorce Action Group -”Vote Yes to Divorce” 1986 Referendum * Clare Daly, Mick Murphy, Mick Cheevers – Socialist Party 1999 Local Elections * Tim O’Brien […]

  2. Karine Pierson Says:

    Good afternoon,

    I am a French student working on a doctoral dissertation about divorce and women in the Republic of Ireland and hopi,g to come to Ireland this summer. I found your blog looking for a way to contact Mags O’ Brien the woman who set up Divorce Action Group. May be you could help me in my quest as I need to lead interviews with divorced women, (Mags Was among the first to divorce in Ireland and to remarry with MR McGinley). I thank you in advance for any kind of help you may grant me. And congrats for your blog and the documents about divorce that I may use. Karine.

  3. Karine Pierson Says:

    Hi, I found, thanks to SIPTU, a way to contact mrs Mags O’Brien. But what you gave me here may be useful before I reach her. The more information I have, the better for my work. I thank you again. Best regards. K

  4. […] us on the evils of broken homes and immorality of divorce. At the weekends I campaigned for the Divorce Action Group, occasionally saw my father if he was back in the country (he lived abroad). Kept silent during the […]

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