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The Irish Government Supports Liberal Abortion and ‘the Old Religion’ -Leaflet from Child in The Womb .com March 26, 2018

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An unusual anti abortion leaflet from the website warning of the links between feminists and Wicca.
Many thanks to the sender.
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Anti Abortion leaflet from Cherish All The Children Equally February 8, 2018

An Anti Abortion leaflet published by a Republican Pro-Life group “Cherish All The Children Equally”. Many thanks to the sender.



“Why Do People Avail Of Abortion In Our World Today” Pro Life Leaflet from Dave Logan December 22, 2016

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One of the more extreme Anti Abortion leaflets that I’ve come upon giving six answers to the question asked in the leaflet. They include “Eliminating people who are seen as a threat”, “Eliminating the innocent for a financial reward”, “Eliminating the innocent as a response to sexual immorality.” … The leaflet was produced by D Logan in Leitrim.
Many thanks to the sender.



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