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Leaflet from Eamonn Murphy -Independent – Dublin #EP2019 April 30, 2019

A Leaflet from Eamonn Murphy running as an Independent in the European Elections in Dublin.
Many thanks to the sender.


13 Responses to “Leaflet from Eamonn Murphy -Independent – Dublin #EP2019”

  1. Betty Swollocks Says:

    This would be hilarious, except he appears to be completely serious.
    Unfortunately the crazy bastard ‘forgot’ to put any contact details on his flyer, as I would like to go around there and shove it up his arse.
    Looking forward to not voting for this neo-catholic nutcase.

    • Astrid Says:

      Amen to that, it is only short of displaying images of dead babies
      I think mr Eamonn Murphy might have know what he was doing when he didn’t put any information about himself

  2. Frank Gleeson Says:

    Who is this man?
    Has no right to use Missionaries of Charuity as a support for his Candidacy.

  3. Jaqui Geldof Says:

    Totally agree with Betty and Astrid.
    He is a crazy claque wanker and I object to him posting that ridiculous leaflet in my letterbox. Not alone is it full of lies and misinformation, it’s upsetting and hurtful.
    I have never given birth or ever had an abortion yet I’m a breast cancer victim.

    Religion has NO place in European elections. Bog off Mr Murphy! Crawl back into whatever cave you live in.

    If Mr Murphy makes known his email or home address then maybe there could be some debate, but as it stands, he is hiding. Just as well I suppose.

    Jaqui Geldof.

    • Jaqui Geldof Says:

      Ok, I see I am required to “ moderate” my comments, so here goes……..

      I totally agree with Betty and Astrid.
      If Mr Murphy has “ forgotten” to include any contact details, well he is not a suitable candidate for the European elections, or indeed any elections. Or maybe he is frightened to give contact details for fear of the avalanche of hate mail that he would leave himself open to.

      In my view, religion has NO place in politics any more in this day and age.

      Mr Murphy is spreading vile hurt and misinformation while hiding from any possibility of debate.
      He has especially hurt and upset me because I have never had children nor have I ever had an abortion yet I am a breast cancer victim. Where has he got his information from? certainly not from any medical sources.

      I hope he will not succeed in the elections, but I don’t think he has a hope in hell.
      Not in my name anyway.

      Jaqui Geldof.

  4. Gemma Hanney Says:

    If anyone gets contact details foe him please post them. I’m not going to argue with someone who is obviously cracked in the head but I do want my address taken off his mailing list.

  5. Karen Wellington Says:

    His official campaign address (a matter of public record) is 9 Berkeley St, Dublin 7. He runs his prolie business from there too

  6. deirdrejudge Says:

    Dreadful stuff. I strongly object to this offensive madness being pushed through my door! It is particularly offensive to women, and has a threatening tone. This could be quite harmful to vulnerable women who may not understand that the claims made in this leaflet are complete nonsense. Crackpot, pseudo-religious nonsense.

  7. Jonathan Rogers Says:

    We got this flyer too. It’s deeply offensive, and has the potential to cause serious harm. For example, what if my 9-year-old daughter read it?

    Is there any regulatory agency responsible for the accuracy of campaign literature, to whom I can make a formal complaint?

  8. lilly Says:

    I received on of these flyers in the door today regarding Eamon Murphy’s local election.

    This flyer is full of lies & non factual.

    To claim that you’ve “saved” over 6,000 children is both untrue & misleading.

    Abortion does not cause breast cancer in later years nor does having children in your 30’s I take great offence to both of these untrue statements.

    This country has treated its women disgracefully for years through the Catholic Church and religious orders.

    This has now stopped and Irish people will not allow this to happen again.

    The Catholic Church does not rule this country anymore, those days of lies, fear & brutality that you are so desperately trying to keep going are gone.

    The only death camps in Ireland are those that the Catholic Church ran through religious orders!!

    A woman has every right to choose what to do with her body & it’s none of your or anyone else’s business.

    As for your remarks on contraception, maybe you are not aware but Irish people now enjoy (much to the disgust of the Catholic Church) SEX!! A basic human need, very natural need & a most pleasurable need.

    Ireland has changed, deal with it, embrace it & accept it!

    We don’t dance to the beat of that drum that your banging anymore!!

  9. Siobhan Says:

    What a disgraceful candidate, How dare he allow theses leaflet be put through my letter box and not have the guts to knock on my door to discuss any of his so called rubbish. I for one had cancer and so did 3 more very close members of my family and none of us had abortions. Anyway I would not judge anyone who had abortions because none of us really knows other people’s situations and real problems in life. With such leaflets like these being distributed into people’s private homes is an utter disgrace, I feel that this man Eamonn Murphy should be stopped from posting these leaflets into private letter boxes and not be a representative in any from in the country or Europe as he has no signs of empathy or sympathy to others. Siobhan Byrne.

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