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‘Seventy Seven Arguments Against The Treaty’.. Every Vote for The Free State is a vote for 777 More Executions. August 21, 2013

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A striking poster from I would imagine the lead up to the June 1927 General Election regarding executions in the Civil War. The ‘Seventy Seven Arguments Against The Treaty’ refers to the 77 executions during the Civil War (this figure is disputed and may have been 81).
We also have quotes from Patrick Hogan and Kevin O’Higgins
“You did not think we’d Execute Irishmen, We did and we’ll bloody well execute again!”
“I stand by the seventy-seven executions and seven hundred and seventy seven more if necessary”
Some information on Executions during the Civil War

I took a picture of this poster at a recent visit to Kilmainham Gaol which is well worth a visit.



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