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Mock Ballot Paper from Dublin Sinn Fein Youth -2011 General Election February 19, 2011

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From Dublin Sinn Fein Youth a mock Ballot paper produced for the 2011 General election campaign.
many thanks to the sender.


4 Responses to “Mock Ballot Paper from Dublin Sinn Fein Youth -2011 General Election”

  1. Seán Says:

    That’s actually a brilliant idea!!

    Well done Ógra SF.

  2. Steven Says:

    It is a great poster! lol. Most of the present indos are ex-FF people who were thrown out that party for being too gombeen!

  3. alan Says:

    i think csp is right…the morning after pill is on sale under a tenner…
    does this effect our nations morality…i think so.

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