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Leaflet for Seamus Treanor -Independent -Cavan Monaghan February 15, 2011

From the 2011 General Election a leaflet for Independent candidate Seamus Treanor running in Cavan Monaghan. The Monaghan based Treanor topped the poll in the 2009 Local Elections.


22 Responses to “Leaflet for Seamus Treanor -Independent -Cavan Monaghan”

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  2. helen drumm Says:

    Seamus wishing you all the best in the election and your family and i will be supporting you 100% and encouraging others to do so keep the chin up and smiling its a tough job but your a good man for the job.

    Best of luck
    Helen Freeman Drumm

  3. S.Gorman Says:

    Treanor’s 2011 electoral leaflet is a disgrace and an insult to every decent person living in Ireland. It is a clear attack on citizens of the European Union and should be classed as incitement to racial hatred which is a crime in every civilized country in the world.
    Is Treanor seriously trying to blame the whole economic crisis of the country on foreigners who have worked here for years and contributed to the ecomomy and who now find themselves unemployed?
    And what does he propose to do about it now?
    Go out and build massive gas chambers in which to fry his foreign victims in their thousands if God forbib he gets elected?
    Or maybe suggest to every country in the world that every citizen return to their own country of birth with immediate effect so that Ireland may welcome back the 70 million people of Irish decent worldwide.
    Is this the quality of politician that we want to represent us?
    Surely not ….
    Shameful ! ! !

    • John Sherry Says:

      You’re very easily insulted. Do you actually know the man? NO you don’t.

      If all politician had a scrap of this mans integrity we would be in fine shape.

      If you don’t like his policies then stand against him and take part in the democratic process instead of trolling the pages of people you disagree with and throwing petty insults.

      Even the main European leaders agree with Seamus on multiculturalism you silly sausage..

  4. Steven Says:

    Treanors election literature….has truth! Tough but true. Truth is more important than gooey-cuddly feelings even if we risk worsening the mental state of those that can’t take a good debate. Treanor should be thanked for his courage in approaching this forbidden issue that so many vested interests are tied up in.

    • heaven1 Says:

      Treanor, you’re the only one that talks any sense.. It’s just a pity it’s taken this long for someone to stand up for what so many people believe. Why not have an immigration policy? That’s how this country might get a bit of respect..It’s well for ya S Gorman that you can afford to pay for these immigrants

  5. Frank Says:

    I agree with S Gorman. This candidate is a disgrace with his racist views. He also seems to think that Quinn Insurance has been closed down and that administrators are running Quinn Healthcare – wrong on both counts Mr Treanor. Obviously totally lazy in finding out the facts.

    • Steven Says:

      It seems to me very easy to chuck out mucky insults, harder to provide the substance though. As for Quinn, I don’t know what parallel universe you’re living in but they are under admin. and a shed load of jobs are in the balance.
      As for agreeing with Mr. Gorman that makes you apart of the exclusive team that thinks that Australia, USA and Canada are racist states building Gas Chambers because all Treanor wants to do is apply their immigration models to the Irish system.

      • Frank Says:

        Steven – check your facts. Quinn Insurance is in administration but hasn’t been closed down. Quinn Healthcare isn’t in administration.

        As regards gas chambers, that’s what I call a “mucky insult”.

      • Steven Says:

        It’s a leaflet and that’s a technicality. Even a competitor to Treanor, the Quinn employee and independent Caroline Forde complemented on Treanor’s commitment to keeping Quinn in the region as an employer.
        It was all nice and polite until you and Mr. Gorman started flinging the slander around here. You agree with Mr. Gorman so you agree with his Gas Chamber paranoia. I’m just telling the truth. .

  6. John Sherry Says:

    Wishing you the very best Seamus. Ireland needs men of integrity now more than ever.

    There are few candidates who totally reject the false debt which was heaped on the people of Ireland. For my childrens sake I will say good luck to you.

    We the Irish people have been brushed aside long enough. We need your voice to speak for us.

  7. Aidan Byrne Says:

    Seamus will poll very strongly and win a seat in Cavan/Monaghan. He is one of the hardest working polititians in the country and would win a seat in any constituancy if the people there knew him. His views on immigration are not racist but honest and factualy correct. Unemployed migrant workers and their familys are costing the taxpayer BILLIONS and our main stream politicians are afraid to say anything in case it may cost them a few votes.Government and local authority contracts are continually been given to companies from Northern Ireland and Seamus is the only one making any noise about it. I would like to wish Seamus every sucess in the general election and hopely some more politicians will come out from under their shells and tackle the real issues.

  8. S.Gorman Says:

    The people have spoken – Treanor … YOU’RE FIRED ! ! !

  9. Aidan Byrne Says:

    I would like to congradulate Seamus on his gallant effort in the general election. However it is hard for an independant to be heard above the big party machine. On the plus side, many people including canditates in the Cavan-Monaghan constituancy have heard the message from Seamus and will carry it to Dail Eirann with them. Changes are needed in our lax welfare system which is costing us €8 BILLION per year to keep unemployed migrant workers and their families. I would like to ask S Gorman, how much of that €8 is he contributing. I suspect the answer is ‘0’

    • S.Gorman Says:

      Almost corrct – zero. The fact is that my husband is a foreigner married to me (an Irish citizen) and he is currently unemployed after years of contributing to the Irish economy.
      But rather than bore you with my story of woe, lets have a look at where the €8 billion are going when it is given out in welfare to these foreign ‘scum’ that have dared to invade our fair isle ….
      100,000 (according to Mr Treanor) unemployed foreigners, therefore renting a minimum of 70,000 homes from Irish families, driving a minimum of 50,000 cars, insuring them, paying road tax and fuel. These vermin also need to eat, so they go out and buy Irish products from Irish supermarkets. A minimum of 80,000 mobile phones and lets just say a bare minimum of 30,000 use the internet too.
      100,000 people buying clothes and shoes, paying electricity bills, and if they dare treat themselves to just one pint at the weekend from your generous handout, then thats a minimum of 60,000 pints of local brew to a dying trade. God forbid these people dare to use OUR money to buy cigarettes at €8.50 a pack (65% of which is tax). Can we assume that at least 20,000 of them do? If so, thats a staggering €170,000 DAILY just on smoke!!!
      The list is really endless. The €8 billion which they receive is spent in the country supporting the Irish economy and keeping alive the few jobs that remain. In reality, it ends up back where it started only for a few fat cats to squander on rubbish that the country could have done without in the first place (like a giant needle in the city centre at a cost of €4 million and, believe it or not, cost €1 million just to keep clean.
      A foreigner may one day get a job and contribute once again to the economy but theres only one thing that can be done with that needle, and we all know what that is ! I won’t give you a list of wasted projects that Ireland has spent money on, its obvious to all.
      This really isn’t a matter of who’s right and who’s wrong but just a reality check. Why someone like Mr.Treanor would try to blow smoke up our arses is beyond me but it obviously didn’t work.
      On a parting note let me just add that prior to the recent elections, I forwarded a copy or Treanor’s leaflet to the European Commission in Brussels for their view on the matter and they replied that the information contained in that leaflet is (I quote) misleading and misguided. They also informed me that directive 2004/38 article 7 states that a worker who has worked full time for 1 year in a european country other than his own and losses his job is entitled to every benefit. This came about thanks to the treaty signed by Ireland after a referendum by the Irish public voted in favour of it.
      To suggest that anyone in Dail Eirann is waiting for suggestions from Treanor is ludicrous to say the least.

  10. Aidan Byrne Says:

    I would like to take issue wih some of he remarks made by Ms. Gorman. Mr. Treanor has not refered to migrant workers as scum or vermin. The state is renting homes to provide free accomadation for enemployed migrant workers.The state is also providing everthing else free of charge.Why would any of them want to go home where their own state would not look after them as well. Ms Gorman mentioned that they have to spend €8.50 of their welfare money on a packet of cigaretes. This is not the case as illegal cigarettes are widly on sale among he migrant community for €3.50 per pack.

    At a time when thousands of our young people are leaving tthe country to find employment we are still taking in as many migrant workers to go on benifits. Just this week i read in the paper that two foreign nationals refused permanant employment as they were better off on benefits and casual work on the black economy. We need to wake up to the wide scale abuse of our welfare system.

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  13. John Paul Says:

    Ask Treanor about his views on the Good Friday Agreement and the Peace Process the next time you’re talking to him. He is an unreconstructed “real” Republican.
    The man is a disgrace, but gets away with it because he’s an affable friendly sort.

  14. Garreth Says:

    What an absolute clown….correct me if I am wrong but the bould Seamus is running in a local election but campaigning on national and European issues. If our TD’s have no power and have to answer to the Troika what chance has this bigoted idiot. Just heard him make a fool of himself and drag the good name of Monaghan through the mud with his ill informed, parochial and xenophobic rants on Newstalk. I am from Monaghan and this idiot does not represent me or my views. stick to filling in the potholes and attending wakes Seamus.
    Another question, reverse this cut and that cut is the typical mantra of those so called public representatives that have neither the wit or the wisdom to grasp the complexities of the meltdown in Irish and the European financial system. What solutions do you have to offer Seamus; I don’t see one on your manifesto other than close the border. Why are we burdened with such empty and vacuous vessels in public life?

  15. […] pointed out to me, “I know 100 Magdas”. That man was independent Monaghan councillor Seamus Treanor. It didn’t matter to him that the translation was wrong, “they” are all at […]

  16. marvin Says:

    No offense to these foreign nationals but the are a burden to the health services as well as the welfare service as i was in the Mater hospital the other day and with in one hour there was 8 foreign nationals called to be seen.

    Seamus Treanor is just saying it as it is, He is the only one that has the guts to say what ever one else is thinking, if all the other pricks in Leinster house had the guts to speak up and say what he is saying which is the truth.

    We will all look back in years to come and say you know what Seamus Treanor was right,
    He gets my number one vote.

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