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Flyer for John Deasy -Fine Gael -Waterford February 13, 2011

From the 2011 General Election Campaign a flyer for Fine Gael Waterford candidate John Deasy.
The outspoken TD was first elected in 2002 (his father Austin Deasy had retired) , he is under pressure to help bring in a running mate in Paudie Coffey.


One Response to “Flyer for John Deasy -Fine Gael -Waterford”

  1. This guy looks like he really does have something to offer – unlike the vast majority of know-nothing chancers that want €100,000 a year plus €60,000 expenses who have nothing to offer the people but shisterism, croneyism and cute-hoorism. Unfortunately, I’m in the next constituency and so cannot vote for Mr Deasy …if we had a list system (which we should) of course I could do so.

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