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Independent Mattie McGraths Election Newsletter -2011 General Election Tipperary South January 26, 2011

First off many thanks to the sender who braved it to enter Matties ‘information centre’ to get the pics.
Mattie has left the green of Fianna Fail and gone the Blue and Gold of Tipp, the same colours used by Michael Lowry leaflets.
Mattie wants to save Clonmel hospital, has himself pictured with Brian Lenihan, Marie Hoctor and others.
Hopefully further Mattie stuff coming this way over the course of the campaign.
No word yet if Mattie has a campaign song to match his 2007 opus.


One Response to “Independent Mattie McGraths Election Newsletter -2011 General Election Tipperary South”

  1. The only decent FF TD in this awful FF…ing party… now an independent! Good on you Mattie… it’s a pity people like John McGuiness hasn’t the balls to do the same here in Carlow-Kilkenny. If I was in Tipp South you’d have the first FF vote I ever cast in my life. I sincerely hope you’ll vote with the policies FG / ILP put forward where they are, as well all hope, for the benefit of the ordinary citizen, unlike your erstwhile colleagues who looked after their mates and the insider-elite. I’ll be voting Labour myself and hope ILP win every seat the can. But that said, I wish you the best of luck.

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