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Leaflet from ‘Ireland For Life’ -Vote No -2002 Abortion Referendum December 20, 2010

From the 2002 Abortion Referendum a leaflet from a group called Ireland For Life urging a No Vote.
I’m not sure who was behind Ireland For Life.


2 Responses to “Leaflet from ‘Ireland For Life’ -Vote No -2002 Abortion Referendum”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Mrs. Mary Thornton,
    Éire ar son na Beatha,
    [Changed from Ireland for Life]
    Circular Road,
    Dangan Upper,
    Galway. The Standards Commission wrote to Mrs. Thornton on 24 May 2002. On 31 May 2002 Mrs. Thornton requested information relating to the Electoral Acts. This was provided on 5 June 2002. As no information about the groups activities was received by 24 June 2002, a reminder issued to Mrs Thornton. On 26 June 2002 Mrs. Thornton supplied some of the information required to effect registration as a third party. She listed four donations that had been received totalling €1,207.26. She said that another donation in the amount of €634.87 was returned to the donor. On 4 July 2002 the Standards Commission requested her to provide the outstanding information. On 18 July 2002 Mrs. Thornton advised that the organisation had changed its name to Éire ar son na Beatha and that the responsible person is Mr. Patrick Buckley, Glenrue, Ballinclea Road, Killiney, Co Dublin. Registration as a third party was effected on 18 July 2002.

    Standards in Public Office Commission
    26/03/03 – Report on involvement by individuals and groups in the referenda on abortion and the Nice Treaty and the Dáil general election

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