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Cancer Awareness Information Leaflet from Fianna Fail TD Noel O’Flynn July 9, 2010

A Cancer Awareness Information Leaflet from Fianna Fail TD for Cork North Central Noel O’Flynn.
A surely worthy venture from O’Flynn.
He writes….
Over a number of years, I have lost both family and friends to Cancer.
There is not a household in the country, which has escaped this scourge in some shape or form.
In this leaflet I hope to outline and make people aware of various types of Cancer that have affected many people of this country.
My soul purpose for this Newsletter is to heighten awareness and extend useful information and also provided information with regards to support groups for this terrible illness..

Many thanks to the sender.



‘Some might say this is the best Government we’ve ever had?’ -PAM-1991 Local Elections May 10, 2010

”Some might say this is the best Government we’ve ever had?’
-But not if you have a Mental handicap’

A  leaflet produced by PAM (Parents Association for People with a Mental Handicap) for the 1991 Local election campaign asking voters to ask candidates and canvassers what they had done to end the crisis.



Tom Foxe- Roscommon Hospital Action Committee Flyer from Roscommon 1989 December 12, 2009

From the 1989 General Election where Tom Foxe of the Roscommon Hospital Action Committee was elected. Roscommon Hospital Action Committee had a number of councillors elected in 2009, so twenty years on its still an issue.
The leaflet is printed in the Roscommon colours.


Roscommon Hospital Action Committee -Tom Foxe 1989 September 17, 2009

The Roscommon Hospital Action Committee (H.A.C.) was founded in 1977 and still has a number of councillors (Paula McNamara and Valerie Byrne) in Roscommon today.  Eithne Quinn stood for the HAC in the 1987 General Election but failed to be elected.  However in 1989 Tom Foxe stood for the HAC and was elected. Below some of his literature from that election.  (I have some of his later literature also). He was re-elected for the new constituency on Longford-Roscommon in 1992, however lost his seat in 1997.

Aside from the Hospital issue the Leaflet illustrates some of the issues in the West at the time.



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