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Jack Lynch letter to voters- Fianna Fail -1979 European and Local Elections January 16, 2012

From the 1979 Local and European Elections a letter to voters from Fianna Fail Taoiseach Jack Lynch.
Fianna Fail and Irelands record in Europe since joining is praised and there are some details of the Fianna Fail Local Elections manifesto.

Many thanks to the sender.

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“The Workers Voice in Europe”- Sinn Fein The Workers Party -1979 European Elections January 11, 2012

From the 1979 European Elections,”The Workers Voice in Europe” from Sinn Fein The Workers Party. There is a message of how the current representatives only had farmers interests at heart rather than workers interests. The party’s candidates Tony Coffey, Seamus Rodgers, Donnchadha Mac Raghnaill, Sean Walsh, Tomas MacGiolla and Mick Dunphy are listed at the bottom.


“Forward Working People” -Mick Dunphy -Sinn Fein The Workers’ Party -Munster- 1979 European Elections August 25, 2011

From the 1979 European Elections an ad for Sinn Fein The Workers’ Party candidate Mick Dunphy who was running in Munster. The Waterford based Dunphy polled 11,526 votes. He also stood in the Local Elections the same day narrowly missing out on a seat.
It offers a critique of Irelands entry into the EEC making points such as rising prices, lack of jobs being created and that it was Big Farmers that were benefiting most from entry into the EEC.
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From Fine Gael 1979 “Due to 2 years of Government mismanagement -LOOK AT YOUR SHOPPING BASKET” May 11, 2011

From the 1979 Local and European Elections a Fine Gael ad with the headline
“Due to 2 years of Government mismanagement -LOOK AT YOUR SHOPPING BASKET”.
The cost of the Shopping Basket was a common enough tool in previous elections .
From the 1977 Election a Fianna Fail Ad ‘The Coalition Shopping Basket‘.


“Blaney For Europe” ads- Neil Blaney-1979 European Elections March 10, 2011

From the 1979 European Elections ads from The Galway Advertiser for Independent Fianna Fail candidate Neil Blaney running in Connaught Ulster.
“The EEC has failed to deliver on the promises made when you voted Yes to entry 7 years ago” writes Blaney giving details on faults from Potato marketing policy to The Regional Fund.
Blaney topped the poll and was elected on the first count.



Interview with Christopher Morris of the ‘Community Democrats of Ireland’- 1979 European Elections October 23, 2010

The Community Democrats of Ireland are a party I know little about. There is little or nothing on them online. They fielded 3 candidates in the 1979 European Elections. (
The three were, Christopher Morris in Conaught Ulster, Kevin Clear in Dublin and Michael B Crowe in Munster. All polled poorly.
The below is an interview with Christopher Morris, the party candidate in Connaught Ulster. He mentions the Liberals standing in Northern Ireland. Presumably that was James Murray who also polled poorly.
The Clipping is taken from the wonderful Galway Advertiser Site.


From 1979- Labour Party ‘Victory Dinner’ in honour of Liam Kavanagh Menu with Toasts and Autographs August 22, 2010

First off man thanks to the sender. A Charming item.
From 1979 a Menu for the Labour Party Victory dinner held in honour of the election of Wicklow TD Liam Kavanagh to the European Parliament.
Amongst the menu are some delights such as Grapefruit Marachino and Brussels Sprouts Chateau (presumably in honour of the new Job in Brussels).
There is also a list of Toasts, proposed by various luminaries such as Michael O’Leary, Brendan Halligan and Justin Keating.
On the back of the Menu there was a page for autographs.
This one has Brendan Halligans, Liam Kavanaghs and another which is difficult to identify.



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