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Niall Blaney – Independent Fianna Fail -2002 GE September 14, 2009

After Neil T. Blaney’s brother, Harry Blaneys defeat in the 1996 by-Election, Independent Fianna Fail easily won back the seat the following year with Harry Blaney again as candidate.

Harry retired in 2002 and it was his son Niall Blaney who successfully stood for  Independent Fianna Fail.  The third generation of Blaneys to be elected to the Dail.

After negotiations, Independent Fianna Fail rejoined the Fianna Fail mothership in 2006.  So this would be some of the last General Election literature produced by the party. The party literature I have always uses orange as the background.  (I’ve more that I will post in due course)



Neil T. Blaney -Independent Fianna Fail – 1989 European Elections.

Neil Blaney was originally elected as a Fianna Fail TD in 1948 (a by-election caused by the death of his Father Neal Blaney). After a successful Ministerial career, he was sacked from cabinet over what led to the ‘Arms Trial’. It wasn’t though until 1972 that he was  expelled from Fianna Fail  for ‘conduct unbecoming’.

Neil Blaney then set about the foundation of the Independent Fianna Fail organisation in Donegal. He was returned 8 times to the Dail and twice to the European Parliment. After his Death in 1995 the subsequent by-election was won not by his Brother Harry, but by Cecilia Keaveney, daughter of former Independent Fianna Fail TD Paddy Keaveney….

These are from the 1989 Euro Elections. I have three different leaflets with the same picture but different slogans. The back of each leaflet was different and where you will get an idea of the policies and the experience of the man. His ‘Record’ reads like a historical document of the 50s, 60s,70s and 80s.

In an age where most politicians were members of GAA clubs, Blaney continued the tradition of soccer in Donegal as he had a spell as President of the FAI.  You will also see the ‘Troops Out’ heading, Blaney was unashamedly Republican.



Fianna Fail 1991 Buncrana (Paddy Keaveney ,Hugh Conaghan, Joseph Doherty, Denis McGonagle, John Henry McLaughlin)

The Fianna Fail Ticket from the 1991 Local Elections in the Buncrana Area.
Aside from Joseph Doherty, Denis McGonagle and John Henry McLaughlin we have amongst others ex Fianna Fail TD Hugh Conaghan and former Independent Fianna Fail TD Paddy Keaveney (the only non Blaney to have sat in Dail Eireann for the Independent Fianna Fail organisation).  The Late Paddy was father of current Senator and ex TD Cecilia Keaveney.

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