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“Yes for Stability…” leaflet from Emer Costello and Alex White – Labour Party May 16, 2012

From the Fiscal Treaty Referendum Campaign a “Yes for Stability…” leaflet from Labour MEP Emer Costello and Dublin South TD Alex White.
Thanks to Labour for sending it out.


3 Responses to ““Yes for Stability…” leaflet from Emer Costello and Alex White – Labour Party”

  1. Averill Kelleher Says:

    The greatest argument for voting yes is the tacit admission that officials in elected in Ireland are incapable of delivering sound fiscal policy and operations.

    • Caren Says:

      . . . . .and so. . . . would you believe them when they recommend a ‘Yes’ for Stability and Investment?? I don’t think so! I’m voting ‘No’

      • Averill Kelleher Says:

        Yes, I believe that they are not bright enough to understand that when they, as a government, or parties in opposition aspire to be the governing party, recommend a “yes” vote, they are recommending their own redundancy. A vote “yes” is a vote against cronyist fiscal policy and against the government. They recommend “yes” because they know that Brussels can be trusted more than they can. A “yes” vote will take fiscal power out of the hands of elected Irish politicians, and this is a very very good thing.

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