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Don Lydon -Fianna Fail 2002 Seanad November 10, 2009

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A shocking photo of the candidate Don Lydon with Bertie Ahern and a dreadful Slogan.
Lydon was recently charged with Corruption along with 3 other Fianna Fail councillors. Tony Fox (leaflet here ) , Colm McGrath (featured in this leaflet ) and Sean Gilbride.




2 Responses to “Don Lydon -Fianna Fail 2002 Seanad”

  1. […] a leaflet for Don Lydon (charged with corruption in October) where he is in a wonderful picture with Bertie (As a tribute to his retirement, I’ve thrown up a widget with a selection of Bertie […]

  2. […] There are a number of Councillors not named due to legal proceedings against them at the minute, One who was named though was Don Lydon, and here is a 2002 leaflet from him with a great pic of him with Bertie Ahern […]

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